Special Needs Project- Ghana

Special Needs Project In Ghana


Generally, there are inadequate resources in the communities to assist in providing proper care for people, especially children with special needs. Consequently, most people who are mentally or physically challenged are uneducated and isolated because of stigmatization or supposedly shame that they bring to the families as they are often considered cursed. This situation has rendered most people with special needs in Ghana unproductive and, in many cases, they end up in the streets as beggars. 

As part of our effort in helping our community strive we have been working with this credible sister organization that runs a free school solely for people with special needs. The children receives a great deal of emotional and physical support that is to say, a variety of therapies, counselling, formal education, and job training. We are happy to have been welcoming and connecting individuals or groups with the desire to intern / volunteer working and helping children with special needs.