Orphanage Home Project- Ghana

Becky’s Orphanage Home, Ghana    

This all started when a local school teacher, Seth Asiedu, noticed an increasing number of his pupils dropping out of school due to neglect, teen pregnancy, child slavery and extreme poverty. He decided to set up an after-school program in Senya-Beraku for children who needed extra emotional care and basic needs met, such as food, clothing, and school supplies. His effort did not go unnoticed. Family and friends came to his aid to be able to continue providing those selfless services. Unsurprisingly, his effort got international attention and volunteers from all over the world saw the need to get involved.

Today, local authorities, international volunteers, and benevolent organizations have supported building a comfortable facility (Becky’s Home) housing 53 disadvantaged children and their caregivers. The number is made up of 21 girls and 32 boys. 

Apart from the unbelievable stories and the circumstances leading to their stay at the orphanage, it is incredibly amazing to be with them. They are very respectful, always willing to learn and entertaining. No wonder a lot of previous volunteers have returned many times to see to their well-being. 

Even though there is still a lot to be done to improve their day-to-day living, thanks to the generous contributions of volunteers and organizations, their feeding, health insurance, and education have been supported year after year. Becky’s Foundation is determined to continuously work hard to assist these children until they are matured, well-educated or skilled, and are able to live independent lives; only then they are guided to follow through the foundation’s exit plan.

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