Healthcare/Medicine Project-Ghana

Medical/Healthcare Projects In Ghana


As we are deeply rooted and helping our local communities, we have been collaborating with  local health facilities and medical practitioners in working to improve healthcare delivery especially in Senya Beraku and its surrounding villages. We help by organizing free medical outreach activities, making donations and placing volunteers. This effort has created a unique opportunity as we partner with universities abroad and preparing the grounds allowing their medical students to intern / volunteer in other to learn, give back and gain invaluable experience by working side by side with locals or shadowing depending on their qualification or experiences.


We also accept individuals or groups who are looking for an opportunity to learn, acquaint themselves with healthcare inequalities and give back to local community. Majority of the time on this project is spent at the Senya health clinic. Within the clinic one is able to work at the Maternity,Records,The lab, Assisting with triage in the outpatient department and outreach activities; help do check ups, immunizations, public health education, free medical screenings etc.


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