Education-Teaching Project In Ghana

Education Project For The Disadvantaged

Becky’s Preparatory School  consist of daycare, primary and junior high-school in Senya-Beraku. The schools having gone through a standardization process have been duly approved by the Ghana Education Service. In recognition of this, the pupils are taught the same subjects guided by the same syllabus that is being used in all schools across Ghana. 

The school is mainly attended by the children at the Becky’s Orphanage Home for free. The general community members are able to enroll their children to fill up available vacancies .However, they pay school fees to support the day to day operations and the salaries of the staff. 

The total enrollment currently stands at four hundred and seventeen (417). This consist of 25 children at the Day Care, 308 at the primary and 84 at the Junior High levels. We have been fortunate to work hand in hand with enthusiastic volunteers from around the world to steadily help improve the quality of teaching, learning and extra curriculae activities . A new site closer to the Orphanage Home have been demarcated and permanent block/concrete school building project is in progress. This is to replace the current temporal wooden structure where the children attends school.

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