Restoring hope for generations in Ghana

Becky’s Foundation (Beckfound) is a local non-profit organization/charity located in Senya-Beraku, a very historic coastal town in Ghana. Beckfound has been working to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable children and supporting deprive communities.

The work of Beckfound in Healthcare, Childcare, Sports, Disability and Community development is carried out by a dedicated local staff and consistently supported by a diverse group of incredible volunteers and organizations from all over the world.







A home housing and caring for the needs of 53 disadvantaged children.


Doctors, nurses, pre-med students unite; local clinics and outreach activities.


Daycare, primary and junior high schools for disadvantaged children.


Boarding school rehabilitating special needs children in Winneba.


Under 12/15/17 sports development programs for social change.


Get Involved

“The real potential of in-depth living requires involvement, by recognizing a need, overcoming fear and taking responsibility. Watching from the sidelines does not achieve worthwhile goals and provides little fulfillment.” ~ Peter Shepherd