Restoring hope for generations in Ghana

Becky’s Foundation (BeckFound) is a registered local non-profit organization located in Senya-Beraku, a very historic coastal town in Ghana. BeckFound has been working to improve the quality of life of vulnerable children.

In addition to the Orphanage Home Work, taking care of some 50 disadvantaged children, BeckFound also operates a grassroot school “Becky’s Preparatory School” and Becky’s Soccer Academy  for social change.Through Beckfound’s volunteering and internship operations in the local communities, aimed at enhancing the sharing of experiences, resources, information, skills, as well as deepening inter-cultural relations, understanding and mutual respect, credible community projects focused on healthcare, education, and special needs are duly supported. 

The work of Beckfound is carried out by a dedicated local staff and consistently assisted by a diverse group of incredible volunteers and organizations from all over the world.


Gloria J. Willingham – Toure, USA

“I have worked with generations of young people and I am always amazed at the often untapped talent that resides in their hearts and minds. I see each child as one who is learning now enroute to adulthood later. I have learned so much from them even in brief encounters. I hope that we can be a source of motivation to them to reach their highest potential. I hope that we can also be a source of motivation to those who are ready and willing to support Becky’s Foundation through donations of funds, time, talent, and other resources. Who knows, we might be sitting in the presence of great leaders of tomorrow.”